Halo rides a subtle sax riff to success in “Here I Am”

I’ve never listened to Halo (which apparently stands for “Hexagon of Absolute Light and Organization” LMAO) before yesterday, but they’ve apparently been around since 2014 and have released quite a few songs.  “Here I Am” is their newest title track, which makes last year’s sax riff trend sound refreshing in trop-house-heavy 2017.

The song is short, but sometimes, shorter is better.  And unlike other songs that feature sax riffs, “Here I Am” doesn’t get all in-your-face with it.

Plus, all of them are hot (and the youngest one was born in ’95).

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 11.32.27 AM.png

One thing that I think is going to hurt this group is the fact that when I search “Halo Here I Am” in Youtube, their MV (on their official channel) isn’t the first result that pops up because they don’t have the English title in the Youtube MV title.  It works if you type in “Halo 여기여기” though, but for less popular groups, having an international fanbase (in my opinion) can really keep a group going (see Ukiss, and more recently K.A.R.D as examples of this).

Oh well.  I’ll be looking out for more releases by Halo in the future.


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