Throwback Thursday: TVXQ’s Rising Sun

TVXQ.  Newer K-pop fans may know TVXQ as the group that did “Mirotic“, or they may not even know TVXQ at all.

Honestly, thinking back, TVXQ was a wall at their peak.  They had everything: a charismatic leader and powerful dancer in U-know Yunho.  An emotional, powerful vocalist in Xiah Junsu.  A visual to top all visuals in Hero Jaejoong (SM still loves Jaejoong’s face, as reincarnations of Jaejoong continue to appear in their newer groups). A maknae who could hit high notes in Max Changmin.  And an English-speaking “rapper” in Micky Yoochun.

I’m sure that everyone who experienced the wall that was TVXQ has wondered at least once what would’ve happened if they didn’t split in 2009.  And while both Homin and JYJ (especially JYJ damn) will probably never see the same success they did when they were together, they’ll still do decently well separately.

Today’s throwback is to TVXQ’s “Rising Sun”, one of the best songs in their entire discography as five (yeah, I said it.  Fight me, Mirotic fans).

Featuring one of the hardest choreographies of the time (they even had to modify the choreography during some of their performances!), TVXQ gets to show off what they do best, and they do it with ease.

So why is “Rising Sun” TVXQ’s best song?  I think that even before SNSD came out with the highly experimental “I Got A Boy”, SM was already experimenting with TVXQ.  And while SNSD received mixed reactions to their song, this song manages to work, somehow.  The song could sound jumbled at first, switching between Yoochun/Yunho’s tough (for lack of a better word) rap starting the song, and Junsu/Jaejoong/Changmin’s smooth vocals.  The pace never slows down, and the build-ups to the chorus are really well done.  And the “waiting for rising sun” part of the chorus is really catchy.  And a catchy chorus = a good pop song.



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