The rapping in BTS’s “Come Back Home” is fire

Seemingly taking a more artsy-fartsy route with releases like “I Need U“, “Run“, “Blood, Sweat & Tears“, and “Spring Day“, since that’s what officially shot them out of nugu-dom, BTS are returning to their older sound with a remake of Seo Taiji & The Boys’s “Come Back Home”.


First, I’m glad that they didn’t try to include elements of tropical house.  While I personally do like tropical house, it just doesn’t fit in a song like this, so I’m glad that they didn’t do it.

Second, none of the guys appear in the MV, which I realized after being startled by this almost-bald man:

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 8.36.31 AM.png

Third, since BTS always excelled more in rap than in vocals to me, I was glad to hear a lot of rapping in this video.  The first two rap verses from Suga and Rap Monster before the chorus are actually fire, and while the second two rap verses almost push the yolosweg border for me, it still doesn’t take away from the song in the end.

Fourth, since comparisons are inevitable, here is the original:


And DAMN does this version kinda suck.  I’m not even hating.  Just listen to it yourself.

Overall, there are a lot of instances where remakes fail to live up to the originals.  Luckily for BTS, this isn’t one of those times.


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